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I depend on these sessions to keep my shoulders in good health, not to mention the rest of my body.

— Jim Daniels, recovered from torn rotator cuff

RussaYog® helped my body recover from all of the abuse that I have given it over the years.

— U-M Physics Professor Brad Orr

You leave class feeling refreshed, optimistic, and ready for the world.

— Logan Winston

A full workout of both upper and lower body that is not easy to find elsewhere.

— U-M Engineering Professor Toby Teorey

The teachers bring a combination of dedication, knowledge, and wisdom to my yoga practice.

— Linda Theil

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The Chakras of Travel

Yoga concepts have many uses. Preparing for a trip can be an experience of patience and perspective. Let’s look how the seven chakras can be used to make a successful journey: Level One  MOOLDHARA (Root chakra) keeping yourself fortified  -bring snacks that are easy to digest, like dried fruit (drink plenty of water), sunflower seeds […]


We’re in The Times of India!

Check out a recent article from The Times of India about our sustainability project through University of Michigan: Langar Class Starting June 8, 13 students from the University of Michigan (UoM) are spending a month in Amritsar to learn about sustainable nourishment through the langar at the Golden Temple. Students from different cultural and academic […]



While creating a video describing seva, I had to find out how to define Seva? It’s both simple and complex. We felt it all around us at the Golden Temple, and participated in it. Some say there are 3 parts to seva: Tahn: physical service, eg, working in the Langar(community kitchen) and helping to look […]

RussaYog Featured Videos

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.14.13 PM

    Awakening Stretches

    Savor Your Sleep, Awaken Luxuriantly Before getting out of bed in the morning, luxuriate in a few simple stretches. Stretching can increase blood flow to your muscles and help lubricate your connective tissue, making you more supple, especially beneficial in the morning, which allows you to awaken faster. You’ll feel pampered and energized to begin the day with optimism. Add […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.53.15 PM

    Yoga at the Airport “Yoga Para Viajes”

    Estoy en el aeropuerto…hay muchísimo ruido, muchísima gente alrededor de mía…Todo el mundo va con prisas corriendo, y estoy empezando asentir un poquito estrés. Por tanto para parar el estrés que estoy sintiendo ansiedad podemos hacer algunos ejercicios muy sencillas en el mismo asiento donde estamos. Learn some basic seated yoga moves to reduce the […]

  • Lodi Laughter

    What would you do if you were minding your own business, doing your morning yoga routine en plein air when suddenly loud laughter erupts from a petite lady standing a few paces away? Followed by group guffaws from meditators gathered for quiet mindful breathing practice? Not long after, more chuckling flares up from the distance, […]

  • Stretches and Releases

    Learn some great stretches and releases for your hips, legs, calves and spine! Use a one-meter length of fabric to extend and release. Feel tension melting away!

  • Exercise the Heart, Save the Brain

    We’ve all experienced that moment where we wonder why we can’t recall a name, or where we put our keys, glasses, phone, etc. Or when you are reminiscing with a friend you’ve known for a long time and you are sharing memories of what exactly happened at that picnic on the Fourth of July 3 […]

  • Marbles Help Us Understand Yam

    Yam, 1st Limb of Yoga: Rules of the Game. Here Prof. Jasprit Singh (Yogi) uses marbles help us understand the empirical method and how science deals with the inability to predict complex phenomena. What is sometimes called “miracle” for the scientist is an event with a very small probability. The underlying laws of science are fixed […]

  • Core Workout with the Yoga Tree

    These 7 movements will get your heart pumping and the muscles working! Using a unique invention, the Yoga Tree, you can take your rope-based workout anywhere. Jasprit and Tawnnie lead you through a 12-minute sequence to build total strength. Stay hydrated and go at your own pace. visit our shop page or email us to […]