The Chakras of Travel

Yoga concepts have many uses. Preparing for a trip can be an experience of patience and perspective. Let’s look how the seven chakras can be used to make a successful journey: Level One  MOOLDHARA (Root chakra) keeping yourself fortified  -bring snacks that are easy to digest, like dried fruit (drink plenty of water), sunflower seeds […]


Create Your Own Good Life

How do we develop tools to create and enjoy our own good life? The “good life” is not the default selection for our journeys in this earth. Obstacles abound—illnesses, misfortunes, mental stresses, bad weather… Using insights and tools from yoga, knowledge from modern science, and tools of technology, the new book by RussaYog creators Jasprit […]


Cycle of Time

To understand and optimize the power of yoga and RussaYog one needs to grasp some of the unique features of India. More than any other country, India holds an unusual diversity of people and lifestyles. Nearly any way of living imaginable is manifested in lifestyles and rituals of India. Not only is there incredible diversity […]

dropping marbles can appear to be a free-for-all

Figuring Out Life

We live in the age of science. Air travel, computers, cell phones—science and technology impacts our lives. Knowledge from medical science has aided our wellness. Science has removed some of the mystery from many illnesses and natural disasters. More people now accept that poor health is a result of germs, viruses and parasites. Natural disasters […]


Impressions of Mumbai

The flyover from Mumbai airport was teeming with life and romance on this St. Valentine’s Day in the land that embraces all forms of spiritual expression, from the sacredness of the mother cow, to the celebration of Saint Valentine—in any form. Here in Mumbai along the swanky Marine Drive along Chowpatty beach and beyond to […]