Create Your Own Good Life

How do we develop tools to create and enjoy our own good life? The “good life” is not the default selection for our journeys in this earth. Obstacles abound—illnesses, misfortunes, mental stresses, bad weather… Using insights and tools from yoga, knowledge from modern science, and tools of technology, the new book by RussaYog creators Jasprit […]

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Figuring Out Life

We live in the age of science. Air travel, computers, cell phones—science and technology impacts our lives. Knowledge from medical science has aided our wellness. Science has removed some of the mystery from many illnesses and natural disasters. More people now accept that poor health is a result of germs, viruses and parasites. Natural disasters […]


Growing Our Wellness

In this age of science, technology, and civil society, vast arrays of opportunities are available to many of us. From new careers to new travel venues to new foods to sample to new friends from around the world—each offer choices that were unheard of a generation ago. Undoubtedly, the modern age has seen a greatly […]

Photo courtesy of Marcin Szczepanski,, Multimedia Producer University of Michigan

Wellness: Think Like an Engineer

Photo courtesy of Marcin Szczepanski,, Multimedia Producer University of Michigan by Prof. Jasprit Excerpt from “Karma Wealth and Wellness: Mindfulness Tools for the Age of Science and Technology,” the RussaYog® Training Manual. The purpose of engineering and technology is to create paths that are not normally available to us. Technology allows us to fly […]

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Prof. Singh will speak at UCSB

Thursday, February 23, 5:30pm, Broida, 1610 “Building a Sustainable Good Life through Technology and Yoga” Dr. Jasprit Singh Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan Dr. Singh is currently focusing on how technology can develop to impact the ability to live the “good life”. He is the founder of the RussaYog style […]