Create Your Own Good Life

How do we develop tools to create and enjoy our own good life? The “good life” is not the default selection for our journeys in this earth. Obstacles abound—illnesses, misfortunes, mental stresses, bad weather… Using insights and tools from yoga, knowledge from modern science, and tools of technology, the new book by RussaYog creators Jasprit […]


Sardar Pugri House

Jasprit ‘s relationship developed with Jaspreet, owner of Sardar Pugri House in Amritsar, while he was searching for quality pugree (turban) cloth for the doras that we use in our yoga classes. Jasprit incorporated fabric to go beyond traditional yoga poses, thus enhancing strength and flexibility. Unlike rubber bands or thick belts used in other […]

Physical Trajectories of Yoga

Follow up from Action Tools for Wellness: RussaYog uses the three tools of: pranayam (mindful breathing); kriyas (mindful movements) and; asans (postures with the body in stillness) to develop our abilities to remain mindful. To further enhance these experiences we use universal mantras. The physical trajectories and sequences in RussaYog® use the concept of puran […]


Maintaining Yoga While Traveling

Life has a tendency to fall in and out of balance. Summer sunshine rolls out from behind winter’s clouds and all we want to do is play. Go outside, visit someplace new, just take a break. Instead of an equal balance of work and play, we indulge. When you find yourself losing that balance, your […]

who can resist birthday cake?

What is Obesity?

When we hear the word “obesity” it conjures up an image of a heavy person, shuffling slowly through life, unable to freely move, burdened with health problems. Obesity has become an Epidemic; and not just in the U.S. Physical obesity is driven by factors, like overeating, lack of exercise, using food as a tool to […]